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Condensation Protection.....

When the temperature of moist air falls to a degree at which it can no longer hold the amount of water vapor it contains, the excess of water turns to liquid, or condenses.  When the ground cools at night, dew or frost is the form of condensation.  Condensation taking place on the dust particles in the air is fog: that taking place in the upper regions of the air becomes a cloud, and when the condensation is great enough, the drops fall as rain.  The air inside the phone enclosure can also condensate. Surface conduit should enter from the bottom or back of an enclosure (never from the top). 

For protection against condensation, in addition to the Mil Spec coating of electronic boards, a moisture resistant material lines the inside surface of the phone enclosure

For additional protection an optional low voltage heater is available.  the "L" shape design of the heater plate encompasses the electronics of the telephone.   Pt 800-1080,  Low Voltage Heater can be purchased with the phone or in the future, as an add on.


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