About Ramtel ……

Our goal is to provide you with a better insight into Ramtel.

Our reputation is based on strong work ethics to ensure quality products, dedication to service, and honesty towards a good working relationship.

Ramtel leads the way with custom requirements…..

It all began with the divestiture of the phone company that led to a combined effort between Ramtel and an Ivy-League university in New England.

RAMTEL Corporation (formerly Ramtech) was started in 1983, and is the manufacturer of security communication products and is located in Johnston, Rhode Island.

The standard receiver phones were easily destroyed and too costly to repair. Because of an increasing focus on safety and security and to resolve the vandalism problem, the receiver was eliminated and the first hands-free phone was developed.

The precursor to everything Ramtel does is our fierce commitment to service and laser-focus on our customer’s needs.

Everyone turns to Ramtel for custom products. Our Engineers work with you to solve your problem and assist with your installation requirements.

For over 30 years and still flourishing, Ramtel’s reputation has been built on innovative assistance, being the first to introduce new features and functions on existing products while meeting the demand of custom products and solutions, which continues to grow.

Ramtel is proud to be a company that manufactures products in the USA and is a leader in many areas of product design, and requirements.

Ramtel is the only company that fabricates columns in Non-Rusting Stainless Steel. Several designs are available to aesthetically fit in with traditional and contemporary surroundings.

All products are given careful attention, beginning with the inspection of incoming parts, continuing through every phase of the manufacturing process. Numerous in-house quality assurance testing is performed at various stages of production to assure customer satisfaction.

Ramtel’s interest in customer satisfaction is first and foremost.