Ramtel phones provide peace of mind in knowing that Safety and Security are of serious concern. Assistance is a phone call away.

The use of a personal cell phone is used for so many purposes. It does not guarantee that a person using the phone will be aware of an emergency alert being sent.

  • Ramtel specializes in Custom Silk Screened phone panels, individualized to your needs
  • Custom Silk Screening can provide Security phone numbers to call
  • All Hands Free Phone are designed for indoor and outdoor application
  • Phone can be surface mounted in an enclosure – no door, in enclosure with door or installed in a flush mount enclosure, wall unit or column

Standard Size Phones

  • The One Button Hands Free Phone provides two way communications for Emergency Assistance.
  • The Dual Purpose Phone includes a keypad for manual dialing and One Emergency Auto-Dial.
  • Six hole mounting installation

Mini Size Phones

  • The “Mini” version of the One Button Hands Free Phone provides two way communications for
  • Emergency Assistance. The “Mini” version of the Dual Purpose Phone includes a Keypad and one Emergency Auto-Dial
  • Four hole mounting installation

For information:

Multi-Button phone – No Keypad (Standard and Mini)

Multi-Button Phone – with Keypad (Standard and Mini)

Telephone Features

  • EEPROM nonvolatile memory
  • Automatic Gain Offset
  • Greater Line voltage and Current range “OSI” battery will no longer be needed
  • No Voice Activity Disconnect
  • Programmable Muted Phone Speaker
  • Password protected remote programmable
  • ACA (All Campus Alert) compatible
  • Custom Silk Screened phone panel
  • Louver Design, Anodized Aluminum Panel
  • PIEZO Switches (Large Red Button Option)
  • Chrome Metal Keypad
  • Surge and Grounding Protection
  • Weather Resistant – Vandal Resistant
  • Phone Line Powered
  • Low Voltage Heater Option
  • Conformal Coated Electronics
  • Weatherproofed speaker and microphone
  • Tamper resistant screws
  • Condensation Protection (Back Box protects electronics against moisture and condensation)

Functions of Security Phone

  • Auto-Redial of Three Additional Numbers, if line busy or no answer.
  • Emergency Override on Call in Progress.
  • Emergency Call in Progress Cannot be terminated.
  • Auto-Answer feature allows for call back and monitoring of area.
  • Voice and location identification signal.
  • ADA Compliant:
  • “Red” indicator light automatically activated when any button on Ramtel phone is pressed, and changes to “Green” when call is answered.
  • Braille Plaque includes International Phone Symbol.
  • Phone Diagnostics available with Reliance “12” computer software system
  • Disconnect Functions:
  • Automatic Shut-Off
  • Remote Shut Off
  • Adjustable Time Out Functions
  • No Voice Activity
  • Emergency button external output control. (i.e. Blinking or Flashing Strobe).
  • Six miscellaneous External Output Control capability. (Activated by keypad and controlled by called party, i.e. release door/gate, turn on and control a top mount surveillance camera).
Security & Courtesy Phones Brushed Anodized Aluminum Panel
Standard: 3/16” thick – 8.28”w x 11.9”h
Mini: 3/16” thick – 6.5”w x 8.5”h
Elevator Phone Stainless Steel Panel
Standard: 18 Gauge – 8.28”w x 11.9”h