Several Options are offered with standard equipment


Camera Mount Bracket for all Stainless Steel Columns


Installation: Top & Side Mount.

Camera Mount Bracket for all Stainless Steel Columns


Installation: Top Mounted.

Strobe Light mounted on top of bracket.

Double Camera Bracket can be mounted on all Stainless Steel Columns

360 degrees of continuous viewing with no obstruction.

Built-In Siren within the Top Cap of all Stainless Steel Columns

Siren is activated when Emergency Button on phone is pressed and brings attention to the area.

Siren is deactivated when call is answered, so not to conflict with communication.

Cell Dock Installation

Provides a Cellular phone connection when a standard Analog telephone line is not available.

Photo Recognition Built-In Camera

Press Button on phone, light flashes and camera turns ON.

Camera disconnects when call is complete.

(Camera not provided)

Lexan Spring Load Door over phone panel

Protects against walk-by button activation.

Provides additional weather protection.

Can be used on Columns, Wall Units and Standard Phone Enclosure.

100 Watt Built-in Heater

Reduces the buildup of snow and ice accumulated in front of the phone area of column and wall unit.

Alaska insulation option: For extremely low temperature.

Ramtel’s “Fail Safe” Piezo Switch

This large red button is visible and easily activated. A reliable connection:
Essentially two switches in one.

Blue Light Sensor for Checking Lights

One of the “check functions” used with Reliance Polling/Diagnostics Software to indicate if blue light is ON or OFF in Columns and Wall Units.

Phone Line Verification Monitor

When there is a break in phone line.

A line connection is verified once every minute and twenty-five seconds. If line is broken or disconnected in any way, an alarm is set off at main control station.

VOIP Interface

When a Gateway is not available in your switch, consider a Ramtel VoIP option which enables users to take advantage of VoIP on your analog phones.

Twilight Charger

Provides sufficient battery power to operate Ramtel columns and wall units during the daytime.

During the nighttime, units can be powered from 600v AC, 480v AC, 277v AC, 240v AC, 208v AC, or 120v AC power network.

Battery Backup

In the event of a power interruption, the column will switch to battery power.