A Computer Based Program utilizing existing phone lines and RAMTEL Phones through high powered concealed Public Address Speakers.

Includes Server Grade Computer with Installed Software, USB Microphone, Keyboard, and Mouse

All Campus Alert – Frequently Asked Questions



RAMTEL’S ALL-CAMPUS ALERT SYSTEM is a computer based program that utilizes existing phone lines and RAMTEL phones.


What can the system accomplish for your campus?

Authorized personnel can immediately activate a repeat sequence, which can include:

  • Pre-recorded announcement to multiple phones, through PA Amplified Speakers
  • A Siren, with controlled volume and tone choices
  • Strobe option


Why is RAMTEL’S ALL-CAMPUS ALERT System different from other alert systems?

  • System utilizes existing hard wired phone lines.
  • System is cost affective and provides a campus wide alert warning.
  • Eliminates confusion, ambiguity of text messaging, voice message to cell phone or email being sent by campus personnel during an alert situation.


RAMTEL’S System is “User Friendly”

The RAMTEL System includes a SERVER GRADE COMPUTER with modems, software and U.S.B. Microphone.

Once the data has been entered into the computer, the screen will display “Sequence of Events and “Groups of Phones” to be activated simultaneously.

Setting Sequence:

  • Siren
  • Duration of Siren
  • Public Address Announcement
  • “Repeat’ Adjustment time

Phone Groups:

  • Program phones to be called in groups of 24 phones at one time.
  • Once program is activated, each 24 phone group sequence takes 10 seconds.


  • Computers can be networked and is password protected.
  • Alert sequence in process can be turned off manually. For added protection, the Control Board has a back up timer.
  • Siren Tone options: Yelp, Wail, Hi/Low Tones
  • Master Volume control with 16 Volume adjustments in software


How does the RAMTEL computer based system work?

When the ‘Alert” is activated, the commands are sent through the telephone network to the groups of RAMTEL phones, then to the Control Board that stores the information.


Is the announcement made through the speaker on the RAMTEL phone?

The RAMTEL phone is used as the vehicle to send message to the Control Board that stores the information for an alert activation.

The Public Address speakers and a Control Board are installed in a retro-fit cap for the Stainless Columns and in a tamper proof housing for surface mounting.

Audio Distance:

  • 400 feet (800 ft. distance between installations)

Volume Setting:

  • Master volume control on board
  • Sixteen Manual Volume adjustment in software.


  • 4 speakers for Column installation (3 for PLC-7)
  • 2 speakers for surface mounting with RAMTEL phone and Wall Unit.

Public Address Announcements:

  • 120 seconds total recording time
  • (15 Second messages)


What are the guidelines for Live Messaging?

  • Live message can be announced to a group of 24 phones.
  • Live recorded message can also be saved in a file on computer and activated to all groups of phones – 24 phones at a time.


Can the RAMTEL phone be used during the Campus Alert?

The RAMTEL phone can be used during an alert.

  • The Audio Alert (Siren and Message) is temporarily interrupted.
  • When phone is back on hook, the audio sequence will be re-activated through the duration of alert sequence.


Does the All-Campus Alert System work only with RAMTEL phones?

Yes, the design of the RAMTEL phone includes the necessary electronics for the All-Campus Alert System.


Can the system work with both RAMTEL Old phone models and the new Micro Processor Based phone models?

No, only MPBP phone models can be retro-fit for the system.


Can Existing Columns be upgraded to All Campus Alert?

Yes, columns can be retro-fitted with Speaker Cap & Control Boards


Can the system be tested?

A “test message” and “sequence” can be sent to “groups of phones”.