Custom products and services are, by definition, unique. Each is produced individually; usually to meet a size, color, style, and purpose. Custom products are generally one-of-a-kind items, but many times it becomes part of a Ramtel standard.

Call to discuss Ramtel’s expertise in custom requirements.

Custom Panels

Horizontal, Slim Vertical, and Specially made panels to fit every need and enclosure.

All Campus Alert

Self Test & Training Unit

PLW-6 Wall Unit

Clear Lexan Door, Silk Screened with special operating instructions.

Hollow Steel Stanchion For Easy Wiring

10″ wide – 2″ deep

Surface or Recessed mounting

For flush mount phone and High Powered Strobe

Primed or Powder Coated, with or without Emergency Labels

Solar Panels

Single or Double Size

If partial power is available, consider Twilight Charger

Contact Ramtel for more information.

Phone Sentry

Built in phone

Light over phone panel

PS-8 Shown (11″ Square design)

Also available in PS-7 (13″ Triangle design)

Custom Height Stainless Steel Columns

Photo: PLC-8-LED – 9ft standard height to the 7′ custom height

A Special Height Column is an alternative choice when a standard height column cannot be installed

Stainless Steel Columns Installation reference:

Parking garage so light can be seen from a distance above rooftops of trucks, SUVs, and cars.

Open area in center of parking garage with light visibility shining brightly in four directions, reducing the number of wall units required.